By now, with hundreds of photos pilling up, I had become more selective in my subjects. Either the image had to be particularly compelling, or the place needed to have a significant story in order for me to drag out the iPhone. 2015 started with the creation of Terry’s cookie business in the first photo, and ended at the accountant for tax time, the photo with the giant lips on the wall. In between the year slunk by with court dates, traffic tickets, more doctors, banking, a plane flight for my nieces’ wedding in North Carolina, a trip to the emergency room, grocery shopping, pastrami sandwiches and more. I also began the process of winnowing down the photos to choose selects for a prospective book.  My goal is to pick the 40 or 50 most interesting images that will tell a coherent story of the past years. I have about 200 preliminary selects right now. There is still a lot of winnowing to do, as I add photos regularly. Depending on the day, my selections change and morph, old favorites fall by the wayside as new images appear. I welcome any comments as to your favorite or ones you particularly don’t fancy. Please leave a note in the comment section if you are so moved.


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