USC in Beverly Hills

This is the waiting room of the doctor who performed the spinal injections for Jake. The actual procedure happened at the downtown hospital, but we went to visit the doc here in the fashionable USC medical building on Wilshire in Beverly Hills. Or rather on the edge of Los Angeles that abuts Beverly Hills. Two views of the same office, one looking east one looking west. The left-hand photo is the east view, with the large window on the right. It was part of the group of the first photos as I was finding my way with the concept. I particularly liked the light and the ‘living room’ feel of this area. The frosted glass door in the right-hand west view photo led into the offices proper. What was unusual is that every time we visited there was never anyone else in the waiting room.



Two Chairs


Doctor’s Office, Santa Monica. April 2013

This is one of my personal favorites. Something about the minimalist decor and the expectant angle of the chairs. Taken during the first month of the project. Another doctor’s office, this time my cardiologist for a regular check-up. I have been coming here since before my bypass surgery nearly 15 years ago. That adventure is a story unto itself, suffice to say the operation was a success. Dr. Fallon is one of the best in town, and has referred us to many extraordinary doctors over the years. Both my wife and I literally owe our lives to her.